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catching geese on Storholmen

10 August 2021

We have caught 53 geese on the island Storholmen in the Kongsfjord. I made a time lapse and a 360 video of our work. The first video is a time lapse. We have just caught the geese and are waiting for two hours so they can empty their intestine. After the waiting we put the geese in small plastic boxes and weigh, ring and measure them. Geese without young (with a long primary) are released. Potential parents of the goslings are kept in a pen and will be released together. In the second video you can look around and see what we are doing from closer distance. Use your mouse to move the view and you can even zoom a bit in full screen mode. Enjoy.

Below it is a 360 degrees video. You can move around and zoom in. Best viewed in full screen size.

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murder catching geese on Storholmen action for climate

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