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7 August 2021

Behind the airport there is a lake called Storvannet. August 3 Margje and Annabel counted 35 geese, 6 August Christophe and Annabel saw 54 geese. Time to visit and read rings. When I arrive there are only 12 geese with 5 goslings. I have placed a few wildlife cameras and read the rings. Suddenly I note two arctic skuas attacking a little auk. The pond is too shallow and the auk tries to dive but cannot get under water. Then a fox sprints to the water and walks in the shallow area killing the little auk and taking it away.

Fifteen minutes later another fox attacks the geese on the shore and is able to kill an adult. Yellow AUH, father of two goslings died while defending its young. No wonder that the number of geese in this pond has declined.

Christophe Brochard documented the murder with these wonderful pictures.

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