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action for climate

14 August 2021

In the Frisian regional newspaper Leeuwarder Courant, I am on page 2 and 3 with an interview about my thoughts on the new IPCC report. I am cross. After hopeful moments like the Paris agreement, the court decision that the state of The Netherlands needs to do more against climate change (Urgenda) and the court decision that Shell has its own responsibility to battle climate change (Milieudefensie), I thought things might change. Meanwhile I was observing changes in the Arctic which did not only affect nature but also humans living in the Arctic. Here, climate change is very true and very visible. But the Dutch election for the national parliament was a big disappointment. No change for the better. Climate change was not an issue among the voting population. In a time when climate change is hitting hard, the IPCC was finally able to phrase their knowledge in a sense of urgency. But will it now change for the better?
I am cross. People have not listened to the scientists and ruling politicians have not been able to explain any urgency on this matter.
I am cross as too little progress has been made. The IPCC has formulated our future and even the best scenario is not very good.
I am cross after being emotional about my own observations on climate change.
And then there was Jantien de Boer, who turned my feeling into a newspaper story.

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