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Polar bear bag

7 August 2010 17:46

Hans and Michael near the bag which was judged as a polar bear on first encounter.
Outside the village, we are always on our guard to watch for polar bears. Today we start with seven persons for a trip west of town. After one hour we divide in two groups and Michael and Hans stay behind. But within 15 minutes, they call us on the radio. There is something white on the horizon. Even through my telescope, I cannot judge the nature of this new white thing on the tundra and we decide for safety first. Hans and Michael join us on our trip and leave their original plan and "the white thing" alone.

When we return in the end of the afternoon, the white thing is still there. We decide for a check. It appears to be a bag full of silt, which had resulted from coring. The core was made to check the soil profile for bedrock and suitability to build a radio telescope.

At least we are happy that we have acted safely.

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