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29 July 2010 16:00

Kvadehuken is a Dutch name meaning "bad corner". It is the beautiful tip of the peninsula. A large plane with a desolate landscape. Patterned ground and a few lakes. Thomas and Elise have seen quite some geese in this area and today I go counting them together with Elise. To read the rings of the geese, I dress myself as a stone. We count 189 adult geese including 10 families with in total 20 goslings.
Vegetated plots on the stone plain An old runway of an airport. Polygons or stone circles. The effect of running and freezing water in the permafrost.
Green spots on the stones called skua mounts. Usually started with a carcass of a reindeer which provides shelter and nutrients enough to start a vegetation. Skua's use the small mounts as view point and add with their faeces to the nutrients. Below a skua mount with arctic skua.

Pictures above Elise Biersma facebook album, below Maarten Loonen

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