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Bird cliff

29 July 2010 14:40

Uria lomvia is the Latin name of this species. In English it has two different names: Thick-billed Murre in America or Brünnich's Guillemot in Europe. It lays an egg on a ledge without making any nest. The young leave the ledge when they are feathered but cannot fly. They sail down from the clif and go with the parents to the fishing grounds where cold and warm water layers mix. This jumping is an adaptation to cut the costs of food transportation for the parents. It is also very dangerous and that is why the chicks synchronize the jump. The jumping is a whole spectacle. Foxes eat all young which don't make to the sea.

The portrait Elise made of the guillemot is impressive. So smooth and with a beautiful line behind the eye.

The kittiwakes are doing well. Several nests have two young per nest. The kittiwakes have a nest on the ledge. Some of these nests are becoming higher every year.

In close-up, there is a red ring around the eye.

Pictures Elise Biersma facebook album

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