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we need you

24 November 2021


The interdisciplinary project SVALUR which aims to bring together local knowledge and environmental monitoring, to work towards a rich memory of environmental change on Svalbard, is looking for observations from people traveling, exploring, working and living on Svalbard. Therefor we need your help!

As part of the interdisciplinary research project SVALUR there is an online mapping tool where we gather observations and experiences related to events and changes in climate and environment on Svalbard. This mapping tool is open to you all to participate!

Here you can register points with observations, research, experiences, and memories. You also have the fantastic possibility to share pictures or other documents if you want to do so.

The data collected will be gathered with other data collected in the research project in a digital story map collating and connecting local knowledge, science and history!

You find the survey here.

More on the project here and you can follow us on Instagram @svalur_svalbard

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