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bird flu outbreak

19 November 2021

My colleagues from Scotland report on a massive outbreak of bird flue among wintering barnacle geese in Scotland. Hundreds of birds, with estimates of more than a thousand are reported dead on the coasts of the Solway Firth. This is the wintering ground of the Svalbard breeding barnacle geese, my study population. It started with this article.
Read the news here.

Above is a news item of ITV, about the outbreak, with pictures of a lot of snow on the meadows of the Solway Firth.This is unusual.

To the right is a video made by Richard and Jackie Everitt on a sick goose.

Last summer, we have sampled 100 barnacle geese during our moult catches in Ny-Ă…lesund. None of them tested positive for avian influenza. The request came from the Knut Madslien of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. In the winter of 2020-2021, there had been an outbreak in the Russian/Dutch wintering barnacle geese and some infected geese were found in southern Norway. It will be very interesting to sample again next summer.

18 December 2021 The story continues...

Full paper here

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