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a perfect day

14 August 2021

Christophe and Maarten went to Ossian Sars. It was a perfect and spectacular day. A day for 360 degrees videos to show shoolkids with arcticexplorer how the Arctic can be in summer. Below you find a set of videos, which have captured our day.
- boating in beteen ice bergs
- a bear encounter just before we wanted to land
- the spectacular birdclif with unique plants
- a walk through the gorge back to the boat
All these videos are 360 degrees. You can determine which side you want to look by dragging the mouse. And in full view you can zoom in or you can use a VR headset.

Above: It is low tide and the wind has blown all ice against the shallow areas surrounding the island Leirholmen. The glaciers are dying, but the melting ice still offers a spectacular Arctic environment.

Below: We wanted to sample a lake on Leirholmen. We had already checked the island for bears but could not land on the preferred site due to the large amount of ice (see the video above). But we had seen a nice ice-free-beach on the other side. Just when we want to throw the anchor, we see a polar bear. We have to abort our plan on this island, but enjoy the sighting from afar. Unfortunatrely the video hardly shows the bear.

Above: A visit to a bird cliff. You can hear the kittiwakes yelling their name: kittiwake, kittiwake. The murres have jumped already. With half grown young, the amount of fish which the parents have to bring to the cliff is to much for such a bad flyer. The young follow their parents to the fishing grounds at sea.

Below: We leave Ossian Sars and follow a small stream through a spectacular gorge.

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