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6 August 2021

Years ago, I have build poltsa of 2x2 m2 plots with a fence which keeps the geese and reindeer out. We call this exclosures. Since the exclosing, we follow the vegetation change in these plots and in plots outside the exclosure which have been grazed. The plots have been sampled a lot but the difference is striking. The exclosures have gained 10 centimeter in height. Inside Cardamnine is flowering, a species with pink flowers, which is eaten preferably by geese and reindeer. In de front of the picture, there is an exclosure from 2016 (1 m2) in the former control area and in the back an exclosure from 2003 (4 m2).
Below the control plot which has been always grazed.
The plot below has not been grazed since 2016. The species diversity is biggest.
And finally a plot which has been exclosed in 2003. The plot is fully covered in Equisetum. In a cafetaria expoeriment, this species was the first being eaten by the geese.

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