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arctic fox attack

12 July 2021 15:00

Mark Goldner has joined geologist Julie Brigham-Grette for the second time, to reach out to school kids about arctic studies. He filmed this video from the top of Sverdrup station. An arctic fox tries to steal a gosling from the geese, but the geese are able to defend their chicks. I saw this also a day earlier at lake Solvatnet. It does not happen often that a fox is so afraid. We have seen this fox already killing an adult. But at this moment it seems that the geese manage to fend off the fox.
The fox is coming from the den at Krikjefjellet. It is wearing a collar with a satellite transmitter which does not work anymore. The fox has also coloured tags in its left ear. You might see them. Red on the front and light blue on the back.

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