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new exclosures

22 June 2021 15:00

We are building new exclosures to keep grazing away from the vegetation. This simple method has been used by me at several places and has been a powerful manipulation to attract all kinds of research (see a search for the string exclosures). I have gotten permission to build 6 exclosures in a new area heavily grazed by geese, on the east bank of lake Solvatnet. The exclosures are simple 2 x 2 m2 surrounded by 0.5 m high hexanet chickenwire. Each exclosure has an open area with a similar surface as a control area. At thiisbukta we created a similar set-up at Thiisbukta, west of town. The exclosures in that are have gone through massive changes. Let us see what happens here. There are now 6 new exclosures. Mikael Andreas Saetre (with camera) and Simen Christen Karlsen are students from NTNU Trondheim University, who are helping me for three weeks. Mikael will continue developing the goose models with Kate Layton-Matthews.

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