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India opens station

1 July 2008 11:00
official picture after the opening
Mr. Kapil Sibal, minister of science and technology and earth sciences of India, has opened a new station in Ny-Ålesund and is the 10th nation in town with a permanent residence. They are now using the old school building. From left to right:
Dr. Kim Holmén (research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute),
Dr. Binita Phartiyal (paleoclimate),
Dr. Anupam Sharma (paleoclimate),
Ambassador Banbit Antony Roy,
Minister Kapil Sibal,
Minister Tora Aasland (minister of research and higher education from Norway),
Dr. Rasik Rajindra (director of the indian national centre for antarctic and ocean research, geologist)
Mr. Asium Chaudnasiy (geologist/glaciology) Dr. Shailendra Saini (polar ionosphere),
Mr. Himanshu Chaurasia (polar ionosphere).
clipping the ribbon three minsiters of science minister Sibal speeches.
The minister cuts a ribbon In the station with three ministers of science: Ms. Tora Aasland (Norway), Dr. Anette Schavan (Germany) and Mr. Kapil Sibal (India). Minister Sibal gives a beautiful speech of which I have written down a few sentences.
Mrs Gandhi had the vision to start an antarctic research station. Now we also open an arctic station. Antarctica is an area of dicovery, the Arctic is an area of cooperation. Here on earth, on a tiny spot in the galaxy, we are gifted with life. We as human beings are insignificant, but we have the duty to preserve, to add value. The coal in this town is an added value from nature. Leaves turn into coal and ultimately even diamonds. Nature adds value and we must do the same as human beings.

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