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Bas at work the heating block for incubation of test samples
agar plates in a sterile hood

30 July 2007 23:21

Bas is testing the killing ability of the blood which we have sampled from the geese. It is a simple but laborious test. Fresh goose blood is incubated with bacteria. The amount of surviving bacteria is determined by plating them on agar plates. After incubation of the agar plates for 1-2 days, the colonies can be counted. The difference in the amount of colonies on the incubated plate compared to a control is a measure for the activity of the innate immune system. The innate immune system are fagocytic cells and the general capacity of the blood to kill bacteria.
Bas is in the lab, making long days of preparation, testing and counting colonies. Note his overheated head.

We have received support for this test by the German station (sterile bench, incubator and laboratory space) and the Korean station (autoclave). It is a true example of a positive cooperation between stations within this town.

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