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Different colours in the water A sharp border between fjord water and glacier milk

26 July 2007 21:39

We are counting moulting geese in the fjord. Landing on all islands and visiting all coasts.
While doing that, we notice different colours in the fjord. Water from the glacier contains a lot of silt and surfaces on the salt fjord water.
Both large and small ice float in the fjord. We are landing at a kittiwake colony called Krikjefjellet.

Janwillem at Krikjefjellet passing large ice passing small ice
under the kittiwake colony Janwillem
Janwillem holds the boat a ringed seal While Yvan and Bas are counting geese on this island, Janwillem holds the boat. All islands are visited.
We come across a ringed seal without fear.

In total we counted 346 moulting geese and 79 goose families with 167 goslings and 17 reindeer. Last year these numbers were 408 moulting geese, 42 families, 90 goslings and 14 reindeer.

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