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Restricted access has created a bird reserve

21 July 2007 11:00

Isdammen, the lake near Longyearbyen which holds the town's drinking water has developed into the largest moulting site for barnacle geese on Spitsbergen. Last year numbers upto 1500 geese were counted. Though it is close to town it has been restricted access, large and quiet. Even pinkfooted geese raise their young here.

I have planned a catch to practice with the rest of the goose catching teams which are going to Nordenskioldkysten and on a boat trip with FRAM. We have received great help from Steve Coulson at UNIS, who is developing an interest in birds as vectors for long distance transport of insects.

The three goose expeditions needed a lot of logistic planning. Jouke Prop is running the expedition in Nordenskiøldkysten and Jesper Madsen has organised the catch of pinkfooted goose from the boat FRAM in Isfjorden and Edgøya.

During the catch, we have extra help from Inger Berggren, who is visiting Spitsbergen with a keen interest in birds, Vidar Bakken, who has a long history in ornithology and teaches at UNIS and several students from the course "flux of energy and matter from sea to land" at UNIS.

Birger Amundsen of the local newspaper "Svalbardposten" made a lot of pictures and we had two pages in this weekly. "flux of energy and matter from sea to land" op
the net building team from the Netherlands
Janwillem at UNIS Maarten Loonen working on logistics
From left to right: Mark Gorissen, Janwillem Loonen and Sjors Koppes Waiting for the last goose
Goetz and Inger Vidar Bakken Vincent Munster On the pictures from left to right:
Goetz Eichhorn sampling blood while Inger Berggren holds the goose.

Vidar Bakken has a large experience in ornithology but today he is starting with geese

Vincent Munster samples a goose for virusses

Svalbardposten Svalbardposten

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snowbunting parasites catch Isdammen seed vault

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