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ringing an adult female snowbunting a nestbox where Yvan found young snowbuntings

18 July 2007 14:31

We are studying the excretion of small parasites (coccidiosis) in snow buntings. Last year we discovered a new species of coccidia in snow buntings. Olga Dolnik has done a lot of research on coccidiosis and found a diurnal rhythm in excretion. Now we study the diurnal rhythm under coinstant light conditions. We have taken a few young into captivity and we are force-feeding them until their release.
Bas holds a young snowbunting Olga measures the snowbunting all faeces is collected
Maarten is adapting the IKEA cages Maarten and Olga measuring and ringing a snowbunting cages with snowbunting
We have very handy bird cages from IKEA. Maarten is sowing sleeves to the exit so the birds cannot escape. When the first snowbunting is brought in, Maarten and Olga discuss the measurements. Keeping the birds in captivity is a lot of work. Olga is up many nights and the whole team is assisting to ensure that Olga has a bit sleep left.

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