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12 June 2016

Above: This is Wenzel. He is antropology professor in Oslo studying the scientists in the village of Ny-Ålesund by joining the field work. Today he is field assistant and used as a mule.
Sometimes science is beautiful, sometimes you regret that you have taken on a heavy load. This day has been a long day, carrying a microwave and a generator over the tundra. What did we do? We wanted to remove all biting insects from a goose nest. Two years ago, we have used a chemical flea powder. That killed the larvae, but for the fleas the removal was not measurable. Now we wanted to do it more environmental friendly but also more effective. We have put goose nests in the microwave (after removing the eggs). A good plan, but carrying a generator, a large microwave and 20 liters of petrol over the tundra was quite some work. After the first hour is looked like we needed 15 hours to complete the task. Than we started to speed up. We skipped our luch and worked with four people. Than we were ready after 10 hours. Job done.
This goose did not like us working on his nest.
Microwave on the tundra. In the background a goose nesting.
Returning to the boat after a long day of work.

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