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Bear hunt

24 July 2015

This is NOT a bear hunt. But when our kids where small, we went regularly in an evening to a campground where there was evening theatre. The major group song was titled: We go an a bear hunt, continuing with And we take along... After which every time a new item was added to the long inventory. And the kids needed to remember the inventory while singing.
Any time I go into the field with all safety equipment, the song comes in my head. Gun, signal pistol, radio, binoculars, satelite phone, emergency blanket. They have taken it all with them and have started a walk to the tip of Brøgerhalvøya. There they will stay overnight, baking pan cakes at Geopol.
But it is not just pleasure. The goal is to count geese and read rings. There are a couple of lakes. They will also make an inventory of a site where there was oil drilling 40 years ago. As part of SEES.NL, some scientists want to drill in lakes to disciover if they can pinpoint the period as pollution or disturbance in the sediment. So three out of four left the Netherlands Arctic Station on a trip. And the song Bear hunt was again in my head.

On the picture below, you can see them move through the landscape. The top of the mountain Schetelig on the left is 719 meter above sea level.

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