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wildlife camera analysis

25 May 2022

Anne Vorenkamp has developed a program to automatically analyse the large dataset of wildlife pictures which we have collected over the years. The program works surprisingly well and is able to analyse 500 pictures in one minute. After the analysis we create a spreadsheet to further exam the pictures. Soon,there will be an extra column in this spreadsheet showing the confidence, the software gives on a proper determination.
Below a video which shows the procedure of checking the results.

Below some of the pictures where the software has identified the animals.

After giving the programme a learning set, it finds the animal and even gives an accuracy of the determination. On this picture there are three adult barnacle geese and also one goslings identified, despite the difficult light conditions.
On the picture below it is a purple sandpiper passing the camera.

And on this picture an arctic fox (with a GPS collar) is identified passing the bridge.

We continue developing this program with more learning sets and will also ty to get more detailed information like reads of the legrings of geese.

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20220522, 16:00
wildlife camera analysis

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