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Snowfree nesting islands

3 June 2013 11:02

Today, Geir Wing Gabrielsen sent me some pictures taken on his flight in to Ny-Ålesund. With his iphone, he caught the islands in Kongsfjord. There is not much snow, so geese and eider ducks can start nesting.
Jouke Prop has also arrived in Nordenskiøldkysten and on June 17 we are opening the Netherlands Arctic Station. Geir wrote, he had not seen any barnacle geese yet. Einar Johanssen reported geese last Thursday. It is exciting what the season will bring.
From left to right: Juttaholmen, Observasjonsholmen, Midtholmen, Sigridholmen, Innerholmen en Leirholmen.
From left to right: Storholmen, Juttaholmen, Observasjonsholmen, Sigridholmen, Midtholmen en Innerholmen.
Storholmen is the main breeding island in the fjord with over 200 barnacle goose nests. Juttaholmen has around 50 barnie nests.
This is the island Prins Heinrichsøya, close to Ny-Ålesund. Normally with 22 barnie nests.

Below a map with all islands in Kongsfjord (from http://toposvalbard.npolar.no/).

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