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Ytre Norskøya day 1

7 August 2019

Frits Steenhuisen flew his drone and made pictures from above. The graves are recognizable as heap of stones.
The trip north was a difficult one for the captain, but most of us slept well and we woke up in a wonderful sheltered bay with calm water, just 250 meter from the grave field of Ytre Norskøya. After landing we started with marking and numbering the graves and also test our scanning equipment.
After the lunch, we made a walk to the top of the island and passed several graves and blubber cookeries.
The North Pole, still 900 km away, no land in between.

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20190707, 18:00
Ytre Norsk√łya day 1


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20180421, 20:30
textile in graves

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