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4 August 2010 11:39

In the Arctic, mosses are often dominant in the vegetation. Michael Stech is bryologist and visits the station for the third year together with his colleague Hans Kruijer. Today, Michael is making an inventory on Ossian Sars. Hans could not join because British safety rules allow only four people in their boat.
What a landscape..... On top of the bird clif The collection, a table full of convoluten, as they call their envelopes.

Species characteristics are not always clear but bar-coding is a new technique which allows species recognition based on DNA. The first step is however to connect a species to each DNA-sample. Together with their students Elspeth Kolvoort and Comstantijn Mennes they collect mosses.

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Personal profile of Michael Stech, Hans Kruijer, Elspeth Kolvoort and Constantijn Mennes on this website.

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