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Goose catch Longyearbyen

24 July 2010 22:00

As soon as the geese are caught, we start building an extra pen to hold the goslings. You can see the goslings among the geese. Christiaane is proceesing the blood.

How to turn an opportunity in a goose catch. I was travelling north, Thomas, Jouke, Eva and Siets were travelling south. We all would meet in Longyearbyen were I have been ealier catching barnacle geese. Those were moulting non-breeders who made a moult migration to the lake Isdammen. Now we go for the local families. Christiaane Hübner is contact person in Longyearbyen. At 19:30 hour, we gather at the polar bear sign on the road to Isdammen. The goose families are grazing on the east side of the road. They run the wrong direction when we try to bring them on the water of Isdammen. Two people in survival suits assist bringing the geese on land. We start ringing, measure biometrics, sexing, blood sampling and weighing. Everyone has a task. Special help from Jesper and René, old friends and also goose specialists. Two hours after mid night, we have ringed 92 geese.

We gather near the polar bear sign. Everyone has a task. 04:00 Jouke returns the canoes to

Thanks to all participants. You were a fantastic team.
Eva WoltersNetherlandsExpedition Nordenskiöldkystenherding and holding geese for blood sampling
Jouke PropNetherlandsExpedition Nordenskiöldkystenherding and blood sampling
SietsNetherlandsExpedition Nordenskiöldkystengoose weighing
Thomas OudmanNetherlandsNy-Ålesund travelling southcanoe and swapping for virusses
Maarten LoonenNetherlandsNy-Ålesund travelling northmeasuring and coordination
Christiaane HübnerNorway, born in GermanySSF and LOFF Longyearbyencar assitance, blood processing and ringing
Jesper MadsenDanmarkresearcher Pinkfooted Gooseherding and sexing
René van der WalUK, born in Netherlandspolar ecologistherding, ringing and blood processing
Helen JewelUKfield assistant NPIgoose weighing
Magda ChudzinskaPolandfield assistant NPIdata writing
Lukasz UlbrychPolandfield assistant NPIringing assistance and data writing
Tiina KilpeläinenFinlandUNIScarrying geese around
Hanna-Kaisa LakkaFinlandUNIS master student studying Lepidurusblood sampling
Hanne PilskogNorwayUNIS, master on insects in bird nestsholding geese for blood sampling
Teija PesiöFinlandSecuritas / Svalbardbutikkencarrying geese around
Henrik NygardFinlandUNIS Ph.D. student studying amphipodscatching geese in pen
Eike MüllerGermany, now NorwayUNIS Ph.D. botany helped with arranging the canoesherding in canoe
Sanja ForsstromNorwayNPI research assistantherding in canoe

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