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Barnacle Goose catching in NL

5 July 2010 09:03

In our research project we compare Barnacle Goose populations breeding in temperate areas (Netherlands) and in the Arctic (Spitsbergen). These populations are the northern and the recent southern limit of the breeding range. At the Krammerse Slikken, Cecilia Sandström and me join Henk van der Jeugd, Berend Voslamber, people from Staatsbosbeheer and volunteer bird ring readers. We take blood samples of the geese caught.
The code rings are different in the Netherlands than on Spitsbergen. On Spitsbergen we have one plastic ring with 2 or three characters. In the Netherlands the bird gets two plastic rings with only one character inscription.
Another team effort with many friendly people helping.

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EPOCA team barnacle goose catching in NL Polar bear on Storholmen

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