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third goose catch: families

3 August 2009 13:00

Janwillem met kuiken The third goose catch is focussing on families of geese. Again, we catch on a foggy day, but we have good control over the flock with two canoes in the water and 6 people walking on land. Today we are helped by Jakub Zarsky.

Anouk en Thomas bring the geese with canoes to the net. Above you see Anouk with 62 adults anmd 56 goslings in one flock.
Janwillem is retrieving the geese from the small cages, where they are waiting for ringing. Here he waits to deliver a gosling.
release The release of the families. The goslings and the adults have been seperated because otherwise the goslings get pushed away to easy by the adults. Now the families can re-unite again. The geese are making a lot of sound to find eachother back.

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