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Attacked near nest

We start the season with mapping the barnacle goose nests on the islands Storholmen and PrinsHeinrichsøya. Apolline Pibarot and Matthias Bushmann helped me. Apolline was taking notes and estimated the nest defence on my approach. Matthias was reading the rings with a telescope and managed to take this video. It was a heavy fighting goose, while I was balancing on a small ridge towards the nest. So first making notes and only then walking away.

The next day a polar bear visited this island, but it seems that it did not eat any goose eggs.

I am quite proud on managing to rotate the video, which was taken with a telephone in portrait. It took some time in adobe premiere to also remove most of the wind sounds in the recording.

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Documentary about Ny-Ă…lesund attacked near nest a day of fieldwork

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