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TV documentary about Ny-Ålesund

23 April 2024

In 2018, I have been host for a French team, which made a documentary about the way we live and work in Ny-Ålesund. This is a French version, but you can use the buttons on the video for subtitles and with the wheel you can change to the English language.
I am still proud on this video as it shows my life on Svalbard. Several (former) inhabitants are also coming in the spotlight:
Per Erik Hanevold, director van KingsBay, Sanne Moedt and Anne Schumacher, two of my students, Frederik Ekstrand, one of the cooks and Verena Mohaupt, stationsleader of the German-French AWIPEV.

This documenary has been screened in a series Habiter le Monde on channel ARTE in France and Germany en on TV5 in Canada (8 October 2018).
For long I lost the video on internet, but luckily I received a tip where to find it.

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Polar bear hunts for reindeer Documentary about Ny-Ålesund a day of fieldwork

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