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Lots of ice in the fjord

18 March 2024

There is a lot of ice in the fjord. Fieke Rader, stationleader at AWIPEV has been walking to Prins Heinrichsøya. The ice was safe enough. You can see the special conditions of the sunlight returning.

When talking about climate change, I have stated many times this story. During the coal mining period, it was very common in winter to walk over the ice in a direct line from Ny-Ålesund to Ny-London. Since 2007 it is not possible anymore, as the fjord did not have thick enough ice.
During thh NYSMAC meeting in Edinburgh, I heard that some people had made the trip a few days ago. I asked Fieke to check the story and ask for the route taken by the snow scooters. Vegård Sand plotted his trip. The ice was everywhere 30 cm thick, which is a safe thickness for a snowmobile with driver. However the next day the ice had broken up and it was not possible anymore.
Judging from the map, my story holds. The trip was deep in the fjord, where there is in most years more ice.

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