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Playing animals


22 July 2008 02:35

Playing foxes Bathing goslings

An important part of our work, we are close to young animals. We observe their behaviour and play for science, but it is also very joyful. With the videos, we hope to share this with you. Enjoy. The text is in Dutch, but a transcript is written below.

Here you see the foxes which are my research topic. We observe their play outside the den, group structure, social behaviour and dominance. You can see individual differences in behaviour. Here you see them play-fight. One is dominant over the other. Their food consists mainly of goslings. The goslings are the main topic of study in the Netherlands Arctic Station.

Where are you? There you are! Walking with the goslings is joyful. Here you see them during a midnight walk. The goslings are imprinted on us. They think I am the father, or is it the mother. They feel comfortable when I am around. They eat and drink. But I have to sleep sometimes too. Elise looks after the goslings during the day and I take care of them during night hours. After the bathing, we walk back to the cage which is placed on fresh vegetation. They follow me on my wooden shoes.

Videos edited by Janwillem Loonen

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