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12 juli 2008 11:30

de bakken zaten vast aan vlonders in de haven Frede Thingstad Frede Thingstad
The University of Bergen is coming to Ny-Ålesund for the second time to simulate scenario's of the fjord ecosystem in mesocosms. They vary nutrient conditions and monitor bacteria, virusses, algae and plankton. last year was very successful. They were able to show that additional carbon stimulates the bacterial loop with negative effects on the algae, which are the basis of the marine foodweb. Nature has accepted an article about this work. This year, they vary nitrogen, but the experiment develops less well. There seems to be a toxic algae and the mesocosms are damaged in a storm.
It is stimulating to see a group of scientists working together on one experiment. Frede Thingstad has taken the initiative and an old friend of Marion and me: Jens Nejstgaard is part of the team.

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