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counting geese

30 July 2021

Today, we are counting the number of moulting geese on the islands in the fjord. Mo, Christophe and Maarten are making a big tour with the zodiac.
On Leirholmen, we find a dead barnacle goose killed by a great skua.
On Sigridholmen, we find fresh tracks of a polar bear.
On Gerdøya, alarming arctic terns make us check the southern tip of the island before landing and here we see.....
Christophe has an enormous camera with long lenses and while the bear is far away, he can make these pictures.

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20210729, 15:45 20210730, 14:00 20210730, 14:30 all items shown with small pics
Bettina is leaving counting geese waterfleas

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