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study arctic tern chicks

8 July 2021 15:00

In Ny-Aalesund, there is a fox-free area around the petrol tanks where arctic tern nests survive the predation by arctic foxes. It is a unique place to study growth of arctic tern chicks and to assess feeding conditions if.......
you are OK with being attacked all the time. The parents pick in my hat but also shit upon me. I smell fishy after my return. All for good science.

The video is 360 degrees, made for arcticexplorer.nl. When the video is running, you can drag the view to left or right, up or down. With the mouse wheel you can zoom in or out. Have a look at my hat and the sky, to see the attacking terns. Zoom in to my hand when I am ringing a newly hatched tern chick. And see the nests with eggs, marked with a green coloured stone, on the ground when I check them.

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