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arctic explorer

19 juni 2021

The SEES.nl expedition generates fantastic new projects, such as www.arcticexplorer.nl. Today we have been updated on their progress. Due to COVID, the expedition has been postponed two years to 2022, but www.arcticexplorer.nl has developed further, with some professional partners. They will bring the north pole and science into the class room by using virtual reality. The kids go on expedition.
I will receive a 360 degrees camera for making videos. In the meantime I made a trail, but the real thing will be far more professional (see below).

This is their first 360 degrees video. You can look around and change the viewpoint on your computer by dragging the screen. Even better is to view the video on your telephone, dierctly from YouTube. Now the video will move depending on the movement of the telephone. Even better is placing your phone in VR glasses.

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