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Avalanche Danger

14 April 2021

In Longyearbyen, the past two weeks there has been a serious avalanche danger. The English language newspaper icepeople.net reported daily on the developments. It was code red on 11 and 11 April and code orange on 12 April. Normally this is the snowscooter season, with a lot of outdoor activity. But now people had to stay inside.
The amount of avalanches is increasing in recent years and is a consequence of climate change. Especially rain events in winter, which did not happen so much before in this area with desert amount of precipitation, now causes avalanches and landslides. The whole village of Longyearbyen is rebuild after the first avalanche which killed two people and destroyed a whole street.
Note the dates on the pages in icepeople.net. They are all in the last two weeks only. You can read all the pages at the free website of the newspaper.

Below you can see how the weather peaked above freezing in the last month, creating instability in the snow pack.

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