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record world temperature in2020

4 January 2021

Last year 2020 was record warm. We could have expected this, based on the trend, but shocking are the consequences which you can see compiled in the video below.

The graph below is part of the video and shows the global temperature trend. Global temperature has increased 1.2 degrees Celsius since the start of the industrial time. In the Netherlands, is goes faster and the temperature increase since1900 is 3 degrees Celsius.
This year, new NORMAL values,have been produced for comparisons of weather versus climate. These normal values span a period of 30 years and are updated every 30 years. In the Netherlands, I started a discussion as these new values hide climate change. In the average 10 very warm years are now included and 10 colder years are out. The national news gave me a platform in Dutch to state this, and the people presenting the weather have agreed to talk about longterm average and not use the word normal as this could be misinterpreted.

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