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Group picture

10 juni 2008 19:50

We make a picture from every group at the station for our webpage [people].
Maarten prepares the camera Our final group picture made by a passing person
Maarten wants to take the picture from behind the pile of snow. Kathryn has got a special Dutch flag with a text written in almost Norwegian: "Det gås hus". The distance between the camara and the people is to big. Three times Maarten fails to join the group before the picture is taken. Finally with some help, the right picture is the end result. The video in the middle shows Maarten's attempt, The pictures below were the result.
Effort 1 Effort 2 Effort 3
Jelte needs three times to before his timer is functioning properly. He stays on the inside of the pile of snow.
Effort 1 Effort 2 Effort 3

Finally we are all photographed in an active pose in the hut. Jelte Rozema Maarten Loonen
Martijn Hammers Kathryn Sisson Stef Weijers

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