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Janik and Inez working at the kittiwake colony on top of the slope

4 August 2007 16:41

Inez and Janik study kittiwakes on Brøgerhalvøya. We want to test also the immune system of some kittiwakes and we are visiting them to sample three birds. They are working on top of a steep slope, heavily fertilized with dung from the breeding birds. The kittiwakes breed were the vegetated slope changes into a steep cliff. There, it is raining wtardrops and gull shit.
Kittiwakes are caught with a fishing riod with at the end a smal nylon string. The gulls are sitting on the ledge without moving. This makes it an easy job. After catching, we are taking a blood sample. The procedure is repeated with two chicks. Bas returns the chicks in the nest while Janwillem holds the chair.
Maarten catches an adulte kittiwake searching for a vene sampling blood
returning a young kittiwake to the nest done back at the nest
The blood needs to be transported to the laboratorium as soon as possible. The descent is steep. We are walking on distance from eachother. Sometimes a stone roles down and we don't want to hit eachother.
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