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Maarten looking over the fjord green TAN has been caught by a fox and rescued by Maarten bringing the geese to the nets

15 July 2007 14:10

We are trying to catch the foxes to mark them. They will get a colour tag in each ear. Photographers are not happy with those tags, but we need the foxes to be individually recognisable to build our story. From last year, we know that it is the same mother at the den and that her daughter Randi is still visiting the den. This resulted in fierce fights between mother and daughter.
putting up traps foxes close to a traditional life trap marking righ ear white we have caught one left ear white
holding taging tagging sexing sexing

Maarten with puppy ->

release of puppy ---->
Maarten with puppy release of the puppy

numberleft earright earsizesexhindlegbodymassremarksname caught
11blue 216whitepuppyfemale8.9 cm1000 g Annette15/7/2007 13:50
12yellow 13greenpuppymale10.0 cm1376 g Bas16/7/2007 12:15
13yellow 14whitepuppyfemale8.4 cm851 gblind left eyeOlga16/7/2007 12:20
14yellow 7red 116puppymale9.6 cm1174 g Yvan16/7/2007 12:25
15blue 213greenpuppyfemale8.8 cm833 gJulia20070716 19:13
16yellow 15blackpuppymale8.9 cm1116 gRob20070716 20:00

The following foxes from last year are observed in 2007: Randi, photographed by Ronald Visser on 30 May 2007
numberleft earright earnamecaughtwhere seen?
7greenyellow 11Randi2006 puppyvisiting town
8whiteblue 205Tina2006 mothersame den
Daan (no. 3) is reported dead, 2 others probably too and two more because we found two left-over heads of foxes close to the den. They were eaten by the surviving foxes.

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first goose catch catching foxes postmaster

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