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Second catch

27 July 2016

The second catch of this season, we bring a flock of geese without goslings, which was feeding on the banks of Solvannet, to the catch pen in Thiisbulta. Janwillem and Lydia are in canoes and Maarten and Willemijn in a zodiac. It is a perfect catch of 47 individuals.
We are putting the geese in small boxes, so they can be weighted before ringing.

Females get a geolocator on an extra ring, to follow their timing of migration and breeding. Willemijn helps by holding the leg.
Lydia MessingfeldJanwillem Loonen
Tom van HoofMaarten Siebelink
Kate Layton MatthewsJesse Jorna

Jesse places the geese at the start of a tunnel and Janwillem measures the time, the goose needs to pass the tunnel to freedom. Kim Holmén, international director of the Norwegian Polar Institute observes the science cooperation and takes pictures.

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