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Goose catching

18 July 2016

The first moult catch of the season. We are catching only adult geese without young. That is always a good start and the team can practice all procedures again. Maarten and Willemijn are bringing in a group of 20 geese, which has been put on the water by Margje near the red river. A group of 18 geese joins from the airport cliff beaches. Janwillem is waiting with a canoe in Thiisbulta and Jesse is near the goose catching pen. Margjes return is delayed by a red traffic light near the airport. We need three atempts, 8 geese escape, but we catch 30. A good start. Ringing and measuring is relatively quick, while Margje is testing the stress behaviour of the geese.
Margje is repeating the measurement of the last goose to test her goose measuring skills

Photo Willemijn Loonen

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