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Nitrogen dynamics with Japanese team

21 July 2015

Last year, I visited Blomstrand kittiwake clif with Kentaro, to discuss options for research. This year he has returned with two colleagues to quantify nitrification and denitrification along a gradient of fertilization by sea gulls. I join them today to the other side of the fjord as their boatsman and polar bear guard.
They sample headspace in a small chamber after an hour incubation and collect soil and plant material.
From left to right: Keisuke Ono, Kentaro Hayashi and Yukiko Tanabe, all from Japan.
It is a steep cliff, towering 150 meter above sea level.

Reindeer love the tall grasses. In the background some of the 400 pair of kittiwake nesting here and fertilizing the soil with faeces.
Kittiwakes, coloured for science.Sometimes a young falls out of the nest.
Kentaro and me, photo Yukiko Tanabe.

The results are published:
Hayashi, K., Y. Tanabe, K. Ono, M.J.J.E. Loonen, M. Asano, H. Fujitani, T. Tokida, M. Uchida & M. Hayatsu (2018)
Seabird-affected taluses are denitrification hotspots and potential N2O emitters in the High Arctic.
Nature Scientific Reports 8 (1): 17261.

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