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collecting substrate

2 July 2007 20.30

Lise Fivez of the University of Antwerpen is visiting us to start her experiment. She wants to grow plant material enriched in a stable isotope of nitrogen. This plant material will be added on the top of vegetation plots and she will follow the fate of the isotope, to determine which compartment (grasses, mosses or soil) will take up most of the nitrogen and with what speed.

First she has to collect substrate to plant the grasses. That is not easy in an environment full with stones, rocks and ice.
becomes substrate collecting grasses planting
substrate collecting grasses planting
focussed in the greenhouse sampling an exclosure
focussed in the greenhouse sampling an exclosure

To the right, you can find a short video in which Lise explains her research in Dutch. More information on her project can be found on the website of theuniversity of Antwerpen FLASH video in Dutch

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