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Warm weather

9 July 2015 15:00

Today is a warm day 13 degrees Celsius. Margje is going to Storholmen to collect down of nests and I join here as a polar bear guard. After all the stories and pictures of bears in the fjord, we better be safe.

The last nests are hatching and at some old nests, the fleas jump in her bag.
After Storholmen, the sea is so calm, that we decide for a little trip to the closest glacier front.
Finally we go to Prins Heinrich for the last nest check. All geese have hatched, but the tern colony with more than 45 nests has disappeared. Eaten by glaucous gulls.

On the island, I placed a small exclosure in 1996, which shows how different the vegetation would look without herbivores. The exclosure is full with Cerastium arcticum and Saxifraga cernua. The geese love these plants.

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