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Polar bear on Observajsonsholmen

7 July 2015

This morning a full boat with three field parties left town to the breeding islands in the fjord. Svein Arne Hanssen and his team go eider duck catching on Storholmen. Margje checks hatching barnacle goose nests and Solveig goes with another student to Sigridholmen to look for wader nests. Just after everyone has started their work, a polar bear is spotted on Juttaholmen. Within 15 minutes it re-appears at Observasjonsholmen.

Time for action.

Eeverybody packs their equipment and gets in the boat. But first they go a bit closer to the bear to make these pictures. It appears to be a mother bear with a cub. The mother is wearing a collar with a satellite transmitter. These can only be attached to females as the males have a more ever widening neck.

To the left the first picture, below more taken with bigger lenses.
When the bear moves over the top of the island, i can easily see it with my telescope from town.

8 juli worden een beer met jong gezien die het fjord uit bewegen, al zwemmend over de lagune bij Brandal.

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