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New telescope village

20 June 2015

  above: looking north
left: from the airplane
In the turn towards the airstrip, I could see the new village at Brandalpunkten from the air. New buildings and a road in the wilderness. A scar in the landscape, but important for the future of Ny-Ålesund as a green science village. The mapping authority is the third station with yearround several people in town. And we have fast internet because it is essential for the radio telescope. The whole village is cabled, not using wifi and blue tooth to allow optimal reception from quasars at the rim of our galaxy. And geodesie creates a fixed frame for positioning on earth and of earth in space. This telescope can measure any deviation in the earth axis and is therefore very important for understanding earth climate.
From the north. The whole building site is a gated community, to minimize disturbance and destruction of tundra.
Above as seen from the airport. The new village is very conspicuopus. I wonder what will be left after the construction period.
Left: a gate around the constrution site
Right: but also some damage outside the fence.

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