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First geolocator of the season retrieved

16 June 2015 15:34

Today we retrieved the first geolocator which has travelled from the arctic to the antarctic on a tern leg.
Margje de Jong made this pictures with her brand new camera.
we catch the tern with a simple cage, a stick and a rope
the rope is 30 meter long
de tern is checking ther nest, while hovering
Suzanne retrieves the tern
the old geolocator is attached to a blue ring
the metal ring is read with the tern on its back
than we measure the size and mass of the bird
total tarsus
bill length
bill height
wing (but with the end of the ruler better on the front of the wing)
tailfork right
tailfork left
the new geolocator is attached on an engraved colour ring
difficult to get around the leg
readable with a telsescope as black LF
a bit of fast glue
in the bag on the scale fr body mass
one last portrait
and there she goes....

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20150614, 16:00 20150615, 15:34 20150617, 13:00 all items shown with small pics
On our way to Spitsbergen first geolocator of the season retrieved nesting barnacle geese

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