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geolocation explained

28 April 2015 10:00

I am using a technique to follow migratory birds, which is called geolocation. On youtube I found this video explaining beautifully how geolocation works. For some time, I could not find it, so the best location to store the link is by putting it on the weblog.

click on the photo to start the video

The medieval story of the barnacle goose, who disappeared in summer and returned in winter, was about a tree in Scotland, where part of the fruits fell into the sea and devoloped into barnacles. In winter, the barnacles changed into geese. This picture shows how medieval scientists had disvovered featherlike structuresand even a small goose in the shells.
When Willem Barentsz discovered Spitsbergen, the landed crew returnbed to the ship with a brent goose and eggs. The goose had been incubating but was killed by a stone and taken aboard. Gerrit van der Veer recognized the goose and knew the story. He wrote in his logbook that they now had falsified the story. Nevertheless it took many years for the story to change. Catholics where not allowed to eat proper meat on Friday. If geese were coming from the sea, they were not proper meat.

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