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Maarten Loonen - Fjordcount today with AWIPEV girls

posted 07-07-2022 at 08:27


Maarten Loonen - We are back. Joep collected kittiwake faeces under the bird cliff and afterwards we went for falling ice at the glacier. All on a beautiful sunny day with a mountain as wind shield.

posted 06-07-2022 at 20:26


Maarten Loonen - Maarten, Anna en Joep are going to the birdclif on the north side of Blomstrand. Fionn and Pyter have joined Delphin to the moutain behind Ragnhytta. Back at 20:00

posted 06-07-2022 at 13:46


Maarten Loonen - It is a rainy morning. Time for a start at the office, doing paperwork. In the afternoon, we went ringing arctic terns.

posted 01-07-2022 at 13:13


Maarten Loonen - 30 June, bear on Observasjonsholmen

posted 01-07-2022 at 13:12


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selected Rienk J. de Jong - reset


Rienk J. de Jong - Hallo Margje, als ik hier bij weer online kijk zie ik dat de wind vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag toeneemt in kracht. Hopelijk zit deze weervoorspelling ernaast en kunnen jullie wel op pad.

posted 16-06-2021 at 16:57