wildlife observations

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foto Jasper Doest http://www.doest-photography.com Barnacle geese are individually marked with a coloured engraved ring from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust on one leg and a metal bird migration ring from Stavanger Museum on the other leg. You can read these rings with a telescope from 200 meter distance. foto Jasper Doest http://www.doest-photography.com

Data entry of goose ring sightings

The database with all present sightings can be seen here.
Photo Jasper Doest http://www.doest-photography.com Foxes are marked with coloured ear tags in each ear. Note which ear (seen from the fox its position) and which colour. The fox to the right is left green, right yellow. Photo Ronald Visser
Sightings of geese and foxes together with date and location can be sent to m.j.j.e.loonen@rug.nl.